TypeScript Cookbook

Welcome to the TypeScript Cookbook - a collection of TypeScript recipes that showcase the awesome power of TypeScript! This book was created to give folks several patterns of development when using TypeScript in their day-to-day.

The book is most definitely a work in progress - what you see now is only a small part of what the book will eventually become. Right now it's currently not very well organized. As the book grows, things might be moved around, but the core objective of the book will remain the same.

Ready to read?

Itching to learn some useful TypeScript tips and tricks? Dive right in!

New to TypeScript?

This book is targeted to people who are using TypeScript already or are curious to see what TypeScript is capable of. If you're new to TypeScript, don't fret - there are many excellent resources at your disposal.


Everything here is licensed under MIT.

Author info

Made with <3 by Spencer Schneidenbach

Twitter @schneidenbach
Website https://schneids.net

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